Planned Giving

Our Mission

Every donor can help change a community. Just as each pebble tossed into a pond creates a widening ripple, each dollar donated toward a dream reaches far beyond its initial impact. For this reason, Northwest Minnesota Foundation is intent on creating new opportunities for donors to shape their communities.

NMF presents many opportunities for you to make a lasting difference in the region, including the NMF endowment. Gifts to the foundation will support our efforts to strengthen communities, create opportunities and help the region maintain its quality places.

As a community foundation, NMF encourages donors from all walks of life, from every income level, to turn their charitable dreams into realities. We help simplify and expand charitable giving by pooling funds and responding to both the needs of the community and the donor.

Because a community foundation is not dedicated to one specific cause, it helps aid local charities and nonprofit organizations in a variety of areas -- from arts to education, from the environment to helping the elderly, all contributing to a healthy community. A community foundation is designed to complement existing individual nonprofit organizations by acting as a bridge between a variety of interests and the ongoing needs of the community.


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